Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a little input, please?

so i'm working on creating a suite of dolls that i'd eventually like to sell the patterns for. i wanted to call them 'groany-kins' but joey has convinced me to call them 'chunkers' because i intend on making all of them little fatties.

the first one, of course, is a characture of yours truly. i like to complain. i'm frequently flummoxed. and if i could crochet steam coming out of my ears, i would. (my doll's ears, that is. not mine. that would be weird.)

so, audience, i have a few questions for you:
  • what do you think of the name 'chunkers'? got any other brilliant suggestions?
  • if you could have a custom doll made just for you, what would you request? (outfit, size, gender, facial expression/attitude, skin tone, etc)- it doesn't have to be a representation of yourself, per say, but something you'd like for yourself or as a gift.
  • how much would you pay for such an item? (i'm thinking $35 for stock and $50 for custom- too much? an easy way to answer this would be by asking yourself, 'would i pay that much for THAT?') what about the pattern? $3.50? $4?
any other unsolicited feedback is now solicited. bring it.



Maybe a little more personalization on the outfit... a little decal on the front of the shirt.... Like a Care Bear! You could have a storm cloud - or a cup of coffee - no, wait, I want the cup of coffee on my chunker. I think 3.50 or 4.00 is reasonable for the pattern. I don't know about the actual cost of the doll. I'm a cheapass, so I would probably pay $25 at the most. But it is always surprising to me how much people are willing to pay for stuff on etsy. I guess you have to find the right market. Is that helpful at all?


I think chunkers is cute!!! around what size are the dolls and how long do they take you?? For pricing of the doll $50 does sound resonable.. i would say maybe $40 for stock cuz you are putting just as much work in to them :) I would say $ 4.00 for the pattern
LOve the dolls by the way tehre cute found your like through facebook was looking through the groups :)

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