Sunday, May 30, 2010

i have no willpower

so today is day three of the great no-shampooing experiment 2010. i broke down. sort of. we're going out shopping today, and over to my inlaws for dinner and poker. and while i honestly don't feel like anyone would notice or comment or even care if i didn't wash my hair, the fact that i knew i didn't would be enough to make me feel self-conscious the whole time, and who needs that kind of stress? seriously.
so, i read up a little about ways to wash your hair without using actual shampoo. one way is to use baking soda and warm water. some say to mix it so it's like a paste, others say to water it down. so i split the difference and went with a pasty watery mix. i added a little bit of honey to it because i remember reading somewhere that honey will help moisturize your hair.

first of all... washing your hair with baking soda feels a lot like washing your hair with sand. it's gritty. and i got some in my eyes and my mouth (don't ask...i've only been washing my hair for thirty-odd years and i apparently still haven't mastered not getting shampoo in my eyes...) and it's really salty (duh) and stings a bit. so that was not great. also, after rinsing, i could barely get my fingers through my hair, it was so densely packed. yuck. so i broke down and used some conditioner, which helped a lot. my hair feels cleaner and softer than it has for the past couple days, but still not as squeaky-clean as it does when i use regular shampoo.
so there you have it.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

learning to let go...

so i've learned that i wash my hair way too frequently, and as a result, my hair gets really oily, so i wash it more, which makes it more oily. it's a vicious circle. i heard this report on npr a few months ago and thought, 'yeah, that SOUNDS great, but i'll never be able to do it! my hair will be way too greasy.' so wash it every day i did.

well, now we're getting ready to go on our annual camping trip up north. we'll be without a functioning shower or toilet for a solid week (unless you count the outhouse a mile from our campsite as a working toilet), and while our campsite is a lake lot, the lake is really too cold to use for bathing. last year, i suffered through it with a series of hats and strategically placed ponytails, but i felt greasy and unkempt the entire time.

as i've found myself unhitched from my job, i have no real reason to wash my hair every day, other than my own personal vanity, which, let's be honest... is pretty low. i don't wear makeup except to weddings, funerals and on majory holidays, and i rarely do anything with my hair besides throw it back in a ponytail after getting out of the shower. so, now's as good a time as ever to do this thing.

i'm currently on day two of not washing my hair...sort of. it got wet when i showered both days, and i've been using tresemme dry shampoo both days. it's still more oily than what i'm used to, but it's also more full and manageable-ish. so, wish me luck. i'll be posting more frequently, and i'll keep you all up-to-date on the days of my hair's life. let me know if any of you have adopted this 'no 'poo' philosophy and how it's working for you.
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