Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ice, ice, baby (ies)

so. my husband, the fish monger, and i, tried to get pregnant for about three years. we finally put an end to that nonsense almost a year ago and have turned our attentions towards adoption, which is a whole big can of worms but not what i want to talk about right now.

a little backstory for those of you not in the know: in vitro is where they harvest eggs from your body, put them in a petri dish with your partner's (or donor's) sperm and see what happens. i superovulated and they were able to retreive 32 eggs, which is HUGE. one of my coworkers wives was going to the same clinic around the same time and they harvested 9 eggs from her. anyway, 16 eggs fertilized, and 9 made it to the freezing stage. we used 6 of them. (they...didn't make it. my uterus hates babies.)

so, mathaletes, that leaves us with a grand total of 3 embryos left. i hadn't thought of these groanygirl-fishmonger hybrid frozen babies for a long time, but today, i got a bill from the clinic for another year of cryostorage. frozen embryos, unlike walt disney's head, store quite well...indefinitely, as a matter of fact. some of you may remember some gossip a little while back about celine dion getting pregnant (she's "no longer pregnant," which is just about the saddest way to word a miscarriage ever) with frozen embryos that were about 9 years old.

we had hoped to find a suitable surrogate to carry a few of these suckers for us, but it doesn't appear that's going to happen, and now that we're persuing adoption, it feels like cheating on our future kid(s) with these embryos. i mean, how long do we keep them? and what do we do with them when we decide we no longer want to keep preserving them?  (my choice would be to donate them to science rather than just defrost them and let them... melt.) but how do you decide that it's time to let go? it's extremely doubtful that we'll ever have infertility insurance coverage ever again, and even if we did, i don't think i'd want to go through it again. it was the WORST. worst! so i feel like i have to keep them. just in case. or not. do you guys have any better ideas?



I think you might be able to donate embryos...not to science but to someone going through infertility who does not have any that are viable. I may be making this up - I'm not sure.


No, you're correct, you can donate them to other couples. i'm not quite at the point yet where i'd be ok with another family raising a groanygirl-fishmonger hybrid child while we're still childless. it's completely selfish, i know. but i think i'd be ok with scientists using them for stem cell research.

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