Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Square Beignets

So we had about a pound of brioche dough left over from Father's Day. We liked the brioche dough, but not enough to make another loaf of it. Last night, after a delicious dinner of Thai peanut chicken stir fry, we were in the mood for something fatty for dessert. Joey was like, "What if I rolled up that dough and fried it, like a donut hole?" and I jumped up from the table and was like "YES!"

You can use brioche dough to make beignets. They're actually pretty easy- you roll the dough out to about 1/2" thick and then, according to my recipe book, cut it into 2" squares. Let rest for 15-20 minutes and then fry those suckers. Finish with powdered sugar and you're done. Fancy donut holes.

I'd never had a proper beignet before, but I know people stop for them at like Dean and Deluca before getting on the train to go to their stockbroker job in the city or something. City life- I just don't get it. Anyway, I didn't want to get discouraged with how my beignets don't look like the ones you get at bakeries so I just went with it (p.s. it turns out they're round. not square.).

Also, for someone who spent a large portion of her life working with measurements and what-not, I'm shockingly bad at cutting 2" squares. So...some of them are like 1", some of them are 3" but most certainly none of them are 2" squared. I've seen cutting boards with ruler measurements on them- might have to add that to my Amazon christmas wish list.

The result:
See, I can't cut squares. At all.

Anyway, I know I said we made them for dessert last night. When they're hot and the outside is crispy from just being fried and the inside is still kind of doughy and gooey, they are super good. We had about a half-dozen left, so I had them for breakfast this morning with some raspberry jelly. They're still pretty tasty, but not as yummy as they are when they're fresh. Definitely an improvement on the brioche bread, but not something we'll be making on a regular basis.


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