Friday, June 11, 2010

Angry Lindsay

Angry Lindsay
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well, she's finally done. i accepted a request for a custom 'angry girl' about a month and a half ago. normally, these dolls don't take that long to make- it's the hair that really bogs me down. much like the 'mad janet' doll i finished not too long ago, this doll's hair really threw me for a loop- literally and figuratively. it's the first doll i've done with curly hair, and the best way i can sum it up is to say it was a learning experience. like... how not to make curly hair. the entire thing is one long continuous chain that is sl st into a wig headpiece, which worked well for a while, but towards the end, i realized i wanted some of the strands to sit other places, which would require doing hours and hours of work. going forward, if i ever get a commission again for a curly-headed doll, i'm doing each strand individually and sewing them all on later.

a few things i really like about this doll, though: her striped dress. this was a request from the client and i think it turned out so cute. she's also got baby pink underpants. i like the bangs on the doll, as well as the headband. haven't heard back from the client yet (just sent the email) on whether she's approved or not, but i'm really hoping she likes her.

anyhooo, if you want your own angry girly, head on over to my etsy shop and request one!


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