Tuesday, June 15, 2010

free gift with purchase

button rose
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so i've started throwing freebies into my packages. my husband says i need to think like a buyer, not a seller. so, as a buyer, what would delight me and make me come back to my shop again? of course, my answer is 'free shit.' it works out well- i get to try out a new pattern or make something small i would otherwise have no reason to make (right now, i'm not really interested in selling crocheted flowers in my shop- there are sooooo many people out there doing that now, there's no way to stand out from the crowd, in my opinion, and i can't really sell them for more than a few bucks, so all in all, it doesn't seem worth my time...). and my buyers get a free thingy that engenders love for me. hopefully. i'm also giving them 10% off their next purchase if they leave me positive feedback. is that wrong? i have almost 50 sales (be my 50th and get a kick-ass free gift! better than this flower!), but i only have half that in feedback. so i'm hoping that's going to work for me too. it's all about return customers.

sooooo, anyway, here's a flower. it's got a pin on the back, so you could presumably do something with it other than just look at it. what do people do with crocheted flowers? appliques? gift bag adornments?

so what do you think of my buyer incentive program? would this make you want to come back for more? got any good ideas for other types of freebies i can throw in the box? i'd love to hear your thoughts.


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